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Pastor M. C. Walker, Sr

Dear Members:

Eighty-Eight years ago, twenty-four faithful saints followed God's direction.  We are
where we are today because they trusted God and the vision before them.  From
the corner of MLK and Comal to Rogge Lane, we have trusted God.  Through valleys
low and mountains high we have trusted God.  Today we celebrate the founding
members' vision, and we hold fast to God's hand as we face the future and the
additional vision He has given this great church.

Eighty-Eight years is a milestone!  We praise God that he has blessed us abundantly
and kept His hand on this congregation.  As we approach another year of service,
we praise God for his faithfulness.  I encourage you to continue to trust God
knowing he has plans for our congregation.  Remember the vision is yet for an
appointed time.  Wait for it.  It shall surely come, it will not tarry!

Yours in His name and for His glory, 

Pastor M. C. Walker, Sr.


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